About Us

About Us

We at Razza Consulting specialize in helping organizations effectively manage and develop their businesses through the use of information technology.

We are adept at assessing a business problem and turning it into business potential by implementing the best practices standards culled from our considerable years of experience in the various industries.

We strive to find sustainable solutions that encourage businesses to grow and thrive in today’s competitive environment.

We aim to provide measurable improvements to unlock an organization’s capacity for greatness.


Who We Are


We are a dedicated team of professionals from diverse backgrounds who are accomplished in our respective fields of expertise. We are here to provide key services to organizations that need a group of experts to deliver the results they need. When you avail of our services, you are putting your organization in the capable hands of a group of skillful, qualified specialists.


What We Believe


Trust is important to us.

We believe that trust is the foundation that allows us to build sustainable and lasting relationships with clients. We do this by consistently providing quality service, delivered in a professional manner.

The best results can be achieved in a working environment that fosters an atmosphere of camaraderie, one that promotes a collaborative partnership with our clients.


Our Mission


We aim to provide sustainable and efficient solutions to organizations by helping them achieve their goals and improve their vision and company performance.

We strive to be an internationally recognized company that provides superior service for top-notch clients from various industries, markets, and borders.

Our Clients



Learning Management Systems


We help clients leverage the best and most cost-effective learning management systems(LMS) and blended learning methods to develop, deliver and manage their organization’s training and education needs. By partnering with our customers, we help create effective training assets that ensure that real learning takes place and professional development is ensured.

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Information Governance and E-Discovery, powered by NUIX

To help organizations develop a complete information governance strategy and to support eDiscovery requirements, Razza Consulting has partnered with NUIX to provide the best tools in the industry.

Razza Consulting and NUIX have developed an alliance that combines the top software solutions with internationally recognized expertise and experience. As a strategic parnter of Nuix, our principal consultants are empowered to develop and create a solid framework for information governance in your organization. Together with Nuix, Razza will ensure that the identification, preservation, collection, processing review and production of electronically stored information meets globally accepted procedures and standards.

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Mobile Application Development

Razza Consulting can help you develop a strong mobile strategy by working closely with your organization to determine who to target, what problems can be solved and what solutions can be delivered. By identifying the target audience and deciding on the products that can be provided to them, we can help you install the necessary infrastructure and develop the necessary applications to capture the opportunities in mobile.

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Web Technology Consulting


Our website development and web application consulting services bring together an extremely rich set of skills and experience-tuned perspectives. We help customers take advantage of the limitless potential and reach of web-based technology and provide them with solutions that fits into their budget and meets their current and future operational needs.

We develop web applications to your specifications. Let us partner with you in developing and maintaining a strong online presence for your organization.

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Cooperative and Community Development


We provide Cooperatives with web portals where Cooperators can access important announcements and also download Forms for them to avail of the Coop’s products and services.

We also enable Cooperatives to have online elections. This is particularly an issue with Cooperatives whose membership span nationwide as 3/4 of the population is required to have a successful election process.

More than website portals and online elections, Razza can provide Cooperatives with web-based applications specific to their needs. One example is a project with an Online Encoding System for the Housing Project of NATCCO.


Information Technology


The information technology sector has continued to contribute to the growth of emerging economies especially in countries such as the Philippines where the labor market for IT services has provided a rich and competitive resource of professionals.

Razza Consulting is intimately involved with the infotech sector supporting clients with a strong backbone of solution architects whose qualifications are duly certified and recognized ITIL, Project Management and ERP professionals. The company is dedicated to providing the best possible and most cost-efficient service.




The pharmaceutical industry is responsible for the development, production and marketing of licensed drugs for medication. These companies are on the cutting edge of life sciences and biology, dealing in generic and brand medications. These companies are subject to a variety of laws and are heavily regulated when it comes to patents, testing and marketing of the drugs they sell.

Razza Consulting supports the industry by providing a knowledge management infrastructure to organizations that need to keep themselves at the forefront of research and development. We implement applications that keep the skills of our client’s personnel up to date.