Razza Consulting Group


We, at the Razza Consulting Group, Inc. (RCG), respect your right to data privacy and protection. This privacy policy is inclusive of how the data collected from you is securely generated, processed, stored, and managed.

I. Who we are

RCG is a digital transformation company specializing in helping organizations by enabling capability, improving operations, and expanding market reach. We enable humanity through technology, and we are devoted to serving you and all our clients by providing learning management, digital marketing, and various other web and mobile solutions and consulting services.


II. Our commitment to you

Your privacy is important to us. RCG is employing appropriate data security measures in all of our online platforms in order to protect the data and uphold the rights of our Employees, Customers, and Partners. We periodically apply and monitor access restrictions, and have protocols in place that help limit and prevent the instances of unauthorized data disclosure, data loss, data misuse, and data corruption, such as regular backups, status checks, and software and security updates, among others.


III. Standard of care

RGG shall use a reasonable degree of care to prevent the unauthorized use, reproduction, disclosure, and loss of personal data collected from you which shall not be less than the degree of care RCG uses to protect its own information of a similar nature.

The principles outlined in the Data Privacy Act of 2012 (Republic Act No. 10173) apply to any personal data collected from you to the extent that such principles do not conflict with this Privacy Policy.


IV. What information we gather about you

This privacy policy is inclusive of the data we gather from your use of RCG’s wevsite. As a result, the following are the types of information we collect about you:

A. Site Navigation – data about the pages you have visited, and internal and external links you have opened.

B. Other Personal Data – other personal information and situational facts you have voluntarily disclosed upon contacting us for technical support and troubleshooting.


V. What we use your information for

Your information is gathered for several useful and intentional purposes that benefit you:

A. Communication – to engage you as a viewer and customer.

B. Processing Requests and Providing Technical Support – to enable us to respond accordingly to your questions, concerns, and requests, and provide the most relevant assistance based on your needs.

C. Feedback – to allow us the opportunity to further improve our services.

Df. Any other use not expressly prohibited by law.


VI. Who we share your data with

You consent to have your personal information shared with the following non-exclusive list of persons and third-parties:

A. Third-Party Analytics Services – some of your information may be used to generate anonymized and aggregated reports about your journey throughout the website.

B. Razza Partners – some of the anonymized and aggregated reports may be shared with our Partners in the interest of identifying opportunities that will be of value to you.

C. Any court or government authority which requests your personal data in writing. In the event of such a request, RCG’s only obligation to you is to inform you that a request was made. RCG will immediately release the requested information to the requesting court or government authority.


VII. Your rights and responsibilities as a Website User

A. Declaration of User’s Rights

1. Right to Access and Data Portability

As the rightful owner of your own personal information and any content of your creation that you uploaded in the RCG website, you have the right to gain access and request copies of any information that relates personally to you, including the history of your activities in the online learning platform.

The right to data portability additionally grants you full control of your data. You may request for any of your personal information to be moved, copied, or transferred for further use.


2. Right to Object and Withhold Consent

The right to object and withhold consent grants you the ability to decline the sharing and processing of your personal information. You have the right to object to any other use of your personal information.

Should you exercise your right to object or withhold consent, your information will no longer be processed for the purpose of the activity or activities for which we did not receive your freely given consent.


3. Right to Rectify or Remove Your Data from the RCG Website

Should you notice any errors, inaccuracies, or lapses in your personal information, you may exercise your right to communicate with us freely for the purpose of correcting such inaccuracies in your personal information. We recognize it as our responsibility to reflect true and accurate data at all times. We will act on the request, as long as it is based on sound reasoning and judgment.

In the event that you should consider completely withdrawing your data from the RCG website, for any valid reason, you are also encouraged to communicate with us freely about your intention, and we will reach out to you to initiate a discussion about the consequences of the eventual removal of your personal information from the online learning platform. Should you wish to proceed upon making the well-informed decision to remove your data from the RCG website, we will act on the request in full respect of your rights as owner of your personal information.


B. Declaration of User’s Responsibilities

We urge you and all website users to consistently observe basic practices of protecting one’s own personal data.

If you suspect that others may have gained unauthorized access to your password or any personal data, please contact us immediately.


VIII. Indemnity due to user negligence

You agree to indemnify and hold harmless RCG from all lawsuits, claims, liabilities, damages, settlements, or judgments, including RCG’s costs and attorney fees, which arise as a result of your negligent acts or omissions or willful misconduct.


IX. Limitation on damages

Under no circumstances will RCG be liable for financial or other loss or damage to you caused by theft or loss of your personal data if such theft or loss is caused by a third-party, including, without limitation: security breaches, hardware failures, and software failures.


X. Modifications

Amendments to this Privacy Policy will be announced to all RCG website users and posted in this website. Please check this website regularly for updates and review the most recent version of the Privacy Policy for your awareness and appreciation.


XI. Contact us

For any questions on this Privacy Policy or our data privacy practices and measures, please contact us at support@razzatech.com.